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Lee Wismer     London Ontario Canada
Rock Painting 2
Rock Painting 3.
"Salad Fixin's"
Acrylics on 8" x 12" wooden cutting board
Design by Marsha Weiser
"Fresh Herbs"
Acrylics on wooden staves, each 16" x 4"
Design by Cheryl King
May 2007
Wooden Candle Holder with Fall design
Based on a Faith Rollins design
(Hallowe'en design is on other side)
Wolves on Wooden Doors of a Dartboard Cabinet
Acrylic painting 23" wide by 19" long
Gift for my son-in-law    November 2007
Design by Karen Hubbard
Primitive Sign  5 1/2" x 12 1/2" and bird cutout
For daughter's backyard garden  Dec.  2007
Bird design from
Stencil for lettering from The Stencilsmith

Wood Pieces
Radishes and Crock
Acrylics on wood  Sept.2007
Design by Elizabeth Hayes CDA
Snowman Napkin Holders
Thanks to painting friend Lise for sharing her design, and to Paul for cutting out the wood pieces        January 2008
Wooden Heart Box
February 2008
Arlene Linton design
Linens and Lace Collection
Vol. II , pub. 2005
Wooden Ornament
4 1/2" x 5"
February 2008
Arlene Linton design
Linens and Lace Collection
pub. 2003
Wooden heart shaped candle holders
Design by Renee Mullins
April 2008
Pumpkins and Ghost
on curved wooden staves
9 1/2" x 4 1/2"
Designs by Sandy LeFlore
Surfaces from Bear With Us
April/May 2008
"Old World Pears" on MDF  15" x 12"
Bob Pennycook Design
Surface from Coyote Woodworks
Bob Pennycook seminar   April 2008
          Child's wooden rocker
Design by Cynthia Erekson
Donation to A Chair Affair 2008
Surface from
Corner Furniture,London ON
May 2008
Frog on Lily Pad Windchime
Design by Debbie Mitchell
June 2008
Wooden Mailbox
Design by Deb Malewski
(altered slightly to fit surface)
Sept. 2008
"Candy Cane Friends"
Designed by Renee Mullins
Acrylics on wood. Holes along bottoms are for hanging chimes.
March 2009
"Daisy Basket"
Design by Renee Mullins
Acrylics on wood   3" x 4.5"
June 2009
Set of 27 Butterflies and Moths
Acrylics on lifesize wooden cutouts
Design by Dorothy Whisenhunt,CDA
January 2010
Frog Ornaments
Design by Laurie Speltz
Acrylics on 4" wood
March 2010
Notepad Holders
Design on left by Lynda Landes
March 2010
             Wooden Pin     2 1/2 " high
Gift for Coast to Coast Painting Convention 2010 participants from the designers Manon Masse and Isa
July 2010

"Big Red"
Acrylics on wood    17" x 3.5"
Design by Shirley Koenig
Free project from Artists Club
September 2010
"Berry Bird Ornaments"
Acrylics on wood
Design by Donna Atkins
October 2010
"Sea Critters Chinese Checkers"
Acrylics on MDF      15" x 16"
Design by Susan Pisoni
From her book "Splash" 2002
Painted December 2010
Wood Pieces 1
Wood Pieces 3