Newest Work
Wood Pieces 1
Rock Paintings
Misc Pieces
Wooden Yard Ornaments
Hex Sign
Hex Sign
Strawberry Welcome Sign....
One of my first paintings...
done on an old cabinet door
My own design
Spring 2000
Rooster on wooden plaque
Julie White design
Wooden vanity knobs
painted to match wallpaper.
Our Bathroom renovation March 2001
PT Cruisers
Swaps & Gifts
Animal Print Candlesticks  Roberta Hall design
Pin made from wooden stars
  design from Michaels site
A Milly Smith inspired design.
Milly Smith design on MDF
More Hex Signs
Clay Pots
Classic Cars
Checkers the Cat
Painted on MDF   18" high
Design by Sue Bailey
High Chair Before
High Chair After
Donation to Community Living London
2005 "A Chair Affair" fund raiser
Ros Stallcup design on Backrest

Milly Smith design painted on a picnic table
Memory Boxes
designed with Homestead
Child's Table and Chair Set
Design by Linda Lock
Painted for Habitat for Humanity fundraiser 2003
Canada Geese on Wooden Card Box
Design by Dorothy Egan
October 2003
Hollyhocks cut from MDF
Dorothy Egan design
Yard & Garden
"How To" Page
Wooden Stool with Strokework
Design by Maureen McNaughton
Taught by Marie Dignan
Lee Wismer     London Ontario Canada
Koi pond on wooden chair
Original design, with rocks and ivy
Painted for 2004    Chairity Event 
Designed and taught by Shelley Prior
SWOPI 2003
Loon on Nest
Wooden plaque 12 x 20 inches
Linda Andrews design
Wooden cutouts on Baltic Birch
Painted for Habitat for Humanity fundraiser 2004
Bear,fish and letters designed by Sandy Holman
Beaver and flag from a design by Jeff Sinclair
Yellow Bird Mirror Frame
Acrylics on Wood
Design by Judy Diephouse and Lynn Deptula
Taught in a class by Shirley Rowntree
"Just For Gardeners"
Acrylics on 4" wooden keychain
Design by Gail Anderson
"Summer Strawberries"
on bentwood box
Design by Ellen Stamilio
Taught by Shirley Rowntree
May 2005
Fishing Lures on Tissue Box
Design by Julie Kuehn
Taught by Shirley Rowntree
June 2003
Calla Lilies on wooden plaque
Design by Gloria Travassos
Rock Painting 2
Rock Painting 3.
Sign for Hallowe'en decorating
Acrylics on Wood    30" by 4"
Lettering Class taught by Val Vandahl
Design on left end of sign by Pat Olson
Garden Welcome Sign
Acrylics on wood   14" x 9"
Design by Jackie O'Keefe
Taught by Garry McInnis July 2006
Wood Pieces 2
Wood Pieces  3