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Wood Pieces
Newest Work
Christmas 2000   from Wanda A.
Christmas Mouse      from Patsy W..
Stone Cottage from Cheryl
Pebble Puss  from
   Vicki  Veldman
Bunny in a Flower Basket
from Connie Bowen.

Leaf Painting from Barb.
Wooden Ornament from Nelta
Magnolia on Canvas from Nelta
PT Cruisers
Dogwood plate on stand from Theresa
   Ceramic Ornament from Sibyl
FCDA Christmas exchange    2001.
Wooden Sign from Darlene  "Mimi"
Frosted Ball with Paint Swirls
from Jane    2001
Handmade Card   from Loretta  Christmas 2001
             "Mountaineers Are Always Free"   
  Limited Edition White House Ornament from WV  
Original copyrighted design by Theresa Niner   2001                            www.theresaniner.com

Rock Paintings 2
Ornament painted on sheet metal from
       Sherry Harrington  2002
Clay Pots
Slate Pin    3" x 1 1/2 "
from Carol Doyle
Wood ornament
from Carol Doyle
Cut out by her dh 
Christmas 2002
Sign for my studio painted on a roofing slate
from Theresa
Christmas 2002
Memory Boxes
Brightly patterned stone
from Joan Lockyear
Feb. 2003
designed with Homestead
Crackled Wood Kitchen Mobile
from Jane   September 2000
Rock Paintings 3
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Yard & Garden
Wooden Pin
from Betty Baker
Sept. 2005
Gift Tag done with staining technique
from Anne Pavlosky   Dec. 2005
Ornament from
Donna Hilderley
  Dec. 2005
Metal Plate
from Dore  2005
Rafflesia flower from Malaysia
Acrylics on flat stone 3 1/2 " x 4 1/2"
from Suzi Chua     www.suzichua.com
July 2007
This flower is the largest in the world, growing to 3 feet in diameter and weighing 20 pounds.
More info: www.wwfmalaysia.org/Features/Beautybeast/rafflesia.htm
Greeting card painted with watercolours
from Jean H.
February 2009
Mouse decorating tree with cat ornaments
Rock painting "Christmas Card" from Patsy
December 2009
Wall plaque done in oils by Sibyl.  2011
Wooden Ball Ornament
from Harmony   2011
  Santa ornament.       Surface from Lise. Painted by Janet W.
Long,narrow wooden sled Painted by Alyce.
Tree ornament with glitter and feathers
From Sharon 2012
Metal Jingle Bell
Painted by Betty Ann
Wooden Santa Ornament
From Lise 2012
Santa Spindle in oils
Painted by Joan Lockyear CDA
Fimo sculpted
Snow Fairy
from Sharon  2011