Rock Painting 3
Lee Wismer
Designs stated as original are copyrighted and may not be used without permission of the artist
This page was last updated: August 4, 2014
designed with Homestead
Welcome Sign
Painted on cement stepping stone
Based on a Jackie Klauer design
Pat Olson design
Koi Pond on large flagstone approx.  26 x28
A variation of my original koi pond design
Pet Memorial Stone
Acrylics on flagstone
Original design painted from a photograph
with permission
  Grandma's Little Angel
Acrylics on Stone  4 x 3 inches
Based on a Pat Olson design
"Friends are the flowers that bloom in Life's Garden
Pat Olson design
Acrylics on flagstone       12" x 7.5"
"Hoppy Days"
Cement Stepping Stone
Designed and taught by Valerie Vandahl June 2005
Dragonfly and Bamboo
Acrylics on a smooth rock  4" x 5"
Design by Ros Stallcup
Wedding Rocks   July 2006
Forty  3" to 4" rocks
painted in colours of wedding party
Garden Marker Rocks
Designs by Jackie Klauer
              House Number
Acrylics on cast stone block
5" x 5 1/2" x 3"
Design by Lin Wellford
                     "Froggy Border"
Acrylics on cement scalloped border
24" x 6" x 2"
Design by Lin Wellford
July 2007
Turtles sunning themselves on a bumpy log
Acrylics on smooth stones
A Lin Wellford inspired design
July 2007
"Victorian House" door plaque
Acrylics on 8" x 12" flagstone
July 2007
Design by Rosemary West
12" cement Stepping Stone
Lin Wellford design
Canadian Flag on 2 1/4 " stone
Yahoo Rock Painting Group Challenge
using any 2 colours
January 2009
Butterfly on 12" stepping stone
My own design
January 2009 ©
"Springtime.... is in my heart"
Design by Renee Mullins
Acrylics on a smooth rock 5" wide
March 2009
                 Easter Bunny and Egg
Acrylics on a flat rock  6" x 5"
Painted for my granddaughter's first Easter
March 2009
Design by Helena Normark
Sun and Moon design on an 11" round cement garden stepping stone
Design by Garnet Rogers
July 2009
on round stone
Acrylics     4 inches
Design by Suzi Chua
Zebra, Giraffe and Lion
Acrylics on 4" rocks
Designs from DecoArt site
Summer  2010
Frog design by Chris Haughey
    Waterlily design by Pat Wakefield
Free designs by
Ernestina Gallina
More little painted rocks for my granddaughter's collection
June 2010
June 2010
Acrylics on 11 1/2 " cement stepping stone
Design is a free sample from Dover Publications
Painted June 2010
Larger lady bugs for yard decoration
Acrylics on 5" rocks
Inspired by Lin Wellford
August  2010

"Harvest Party"
Acrylics on curved cement scalloped edger
Design by Diane Marie Kellogg
September 2010
Acrylics on cement scalloped edger
Design by Diane Marie Kellogg
Painted by Lee Wismer   April 2011
Acrylics on cement scallop
Design by Diane Marie Kellogg
Painted by Lee Wismer October 2011

                 Siamese cat on a rock.
My own design
From a friend's photo with permission
Painted by Lee Wismer  May 2012
Wood Duck
Acrylics on rock   5 1/2" x 4"
Design by Suzi Chua
Painted by Lee Wismer
June 2012

Acrylics on cement scallop paver
Design by Laura Santee
Painted by Lee Wismer
December 2013
             Gingerbread Stone Paver
Acrylics on cement
Design by Laura Santee
Painted by Lee Wismer
December 2013
              "Concrete Border Bugs & Turtle"
Acrylics on cement scallop  (front and back)
Design by Margaret Riley
Painted by Lee Wismer
July 2014
Acrylics on rock
Painted and designed by Lee Wismer
Bird is based on a photo by Holly MacAdam (with permission)
Flowers were inspired by a china design
July 2014