Rock Paintings
            Lee Wismer
Koi on flagstone...
original design
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Koi painted on flagstone, Original design
Published in Lin Wellford's "Painting On rocks" magazine  July 2002
With irises and hostas painted on background rocks
Hosta designs by Lin Wellford

Yard & Garden
Frog Stepping Stone 
  Jackie Klauer design.
Stone cottages ....front
Stone cottages....back        Lin Wellford inspired design
Rock Painting
Jackie Klauer design
Loon on Nest         Linda Andrews design
           Acrylics on blue slate
   Black Cat on rock     Lin Wellford design
Clay Pots
Lin Wellford designs
Garden Stepping Stones
May 2002
Sun is a Bonnie Stout design.
Moon and Stars painted to match
Milly Smith design on flagstone
Wolf on Flagstone
Design by Shelley Prior
Taught by Shelley Prior
at Val Mann's Studio,London ON  Sept. 2002
Fall Grouping on Flagstone
From a line drawing by Nelta B Mathias
BB Line Drawing Challenge Fall 2002
Line drawing used with permission of designer
Colours are my own choice.
Memory Boxes
Maine Coon Cat
Designed and taught by Shelley Prior
Painted at Val Mann's studio    March 2   2003
Garden Scene on flagstone
Wendy Fahey design
April 2003
Fairy Rock design by Roberta Hall
Food Rock ideas are from Lin Wellford
Pansy Welcome to my Garden Rock
Original design
Designs stated as original are copyrighted and may not be used without permission from the artist, Lee Wismer
Small rocks with calligraphy.
Painted as table decorations for a friend's wedding
in deep purple and cream to
match the wedding party colours

Close up of rocks pictured below
Welcome Rock
Based on a Sandi Brady Archer design
designed with Homestead
Garden Ornament
The Letter "J" from
by Tracie Smith
"How To" Page
The Letter  "T" 
Design by
Tracie Smith
Memorial Stone for "Shadow"
An original design based on photo supplied by owner
Pet Memorial Stone
English Cocker Spaniel
An original design from owner's photo
(see enlargement)
Bird in Hydrangeas
8 x 3 1/2 inches
Design by Nancy Dale Kinney
Rock Painting 3
More paintings! Rock Paintings 3
Hostas on rocks, as in koi pond photo above
Hosta designs by Lin Wellford
Mouse family
Lin Wellford design