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Baby's name, date of birth, and birthweight are written on back
Real spiderwebs on rocks...
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  Tomatoes on rock
My own  original design
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Rock Paintings  2  by Lee Wismer
Rock Paintings  2
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designed with Homestead
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For  my free painting instructions how to paint the above strawberry rocks click here: Free Pattern
Lee Wismer  London,Ontario,Canada
         My own design
Based on an online friend's photo used with permission.
Primroses and Pansies on Rocks
        Lin Wellford designs
Caladium on flagstone rock
     Lin Wellford design
Lin Wellford design
Beaver on 3-D rock
Lin Wellford design
White Trillium
Provincial emblem of Ontario
An original design
Rock Babies
Lin Wellford designs
Jackie Klauer design
Jackie Klauer design
Jackie Klauer design
with custom inscription
Mother Penguin and her Baby
Lin Wellford design
Rock Paintings 3
Pink Caladium on flagstone
    Based on a Lin Wellford design
                 July 2009
Ladybugs on a silver rock
My own design.
Caladium on flagstone
Lin Wellford design