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This page was last updated on: January 15, 2018
Rock Painting 2
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                 Welcome to my page of newest works!
Here you will find an everchanging display of my most recently painted rocks,slates and other hand painted projects.
If you have arrived at this page as the result of a search and do not find the painting you were looking for please check for it on one of the permanent pages according to surface or subject......for example clay pots are on the "Clay Pots" page, Christmas paintings are on the "Christmas" page...etc.
                                Thankyou for visiting.

Rock Painting 2
Lee Wismer    London Ontario Canada

Canada 150 Logo
Celebrating Canada's 150th. birthday...July1, 1867- July 1, 2017
Acrylics on 12" cement stepping stone
Design by Ariana Cuvin
Painted by Lee Wismer
July  2017
"Gingerbread Witchy-BOO"
Acrylics on a small plaque and an ornament, both wooden
Design by Pamela House
Painted by Lee Wismer
November 2017
"Boo To You"
Acrylics on 4" wooden ornaments 
Designs by Susan V. Cochrane
Painted by Lee Wismer
October 2017
"Treats Please"
Acrylics on Wooden ornament
Design by Pamela House
Painted by Lee Wismer
December 2017