Misc. Pieces
List pin designed by Carol Doyle
Frog and Water Lily Floorcloth     24 x 36     Julie White design
Tolegranny's  BB Floorcloth challenge  April 2001 
Daisy ....design by Mary Jo Leisure 
  May 2001     
Done on 8" paper mache box
Fruit on a sap bucket
Donna Atkins design   May   2001
Acrylics with oil glazing         Ruth Dolsen design

Snow Shovel     Jackie Klauer design
Floorcloth     "Making New Friends"
  Design by deLane Lange
       Ghostly Frolic  
Design by Sherry Harrington
  Acrylics on Sheet Metal
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      Floorcloth...Acrylics with Oil Antiqueing
Andy Jones design  
Paper Mache  hearts  with   Milly Smith  designs
Classic Cars.
Rock Paintings
Rock Painting  2
Wood Pieces
Newest Work
PT Cruisers
Clay Pots
Swaps & Gifts
Metal Windchime with oil antiqueing
Ruth Dolsen design
Other 2 sides
Yard & Garden
Memory Boxes
Fabric painted T shirt
Deco Art So Soft fabric paints
Sandy Holman design
designed with Homestead
Tall paper mache Box...showing all 4 sides.
Design by Edie Hebert
Artist's Mouse Pad
Julie Howlett design
Taught by Shirley Rowntree

Set of Coasters
Acrylic on Canvas
Design by Marlene Kreutz
Taught by Shirley Rowntree
Rock Paintings 3
'How To" Page
Noah's Ark design
on paper mache box
Johnston/Tyriver design
with some changes added
Tumbling Penguins
Deco Art So Soft fabric paint on T shirt
Design by Dianna Marcum
Taught by Debby Visser
"Blossom" Santa
Acrylics on a dried gourd
Design by Deborha Kerr
Dry Brushing Sampler
Painted with Jo Sonja paints on masonite
8.5" x 6.5"
Designed and taught by Shirley Rowntree
"Special Deliveries"
Small table runner  24" x 14"
Acrylics on Linoleum back
Designed and taught by Debbie Cotton
October 2006
"Edmond T. Turkey"
Acrylics on 16" MDF surface
Design by Karen Hubbard,CDA
Published in Tole World magazine Oct. 2005
Painted November 2006
Lee Wismer, London Ontario
Red Fox on canvas    March 2007
Pen and Ink with Oil Rouging  
Taught by Marie Dignan
Design by Elizabeth McClelland, Dover Publication
"Shadow Wolf"
Acrylics on Linoleum backing
Designed and taught by Shelley Prior
June 2007
Metal Bucket with butterfly and flowers
       Design by Liette Van Niekerk
                      January 2008
                      Six metal Stars  
Approximately 5" across
Designs by Mary Jo Tuttle (except for Santa in centre which is my own design but based on hers)
August 2008
"Martha and Erma" design by Donna Atkins
(to which I made a few changes ie the quote on the lid)
Acrylics on papier mache box  L 12" x W 10" x H 8"
January 2009
"Fleuriste"   (Flower Shop)
Glass block 6" x 8" with mini lights inside
Design by Holly Hanley
Painted by Lee Wismer
August 2010
Acrylic paints on fabric background
4" fluted tin dish
Design by Vera Collier
August 2010
         Tic Tac Toe Game Box
Acrylics on papier mache
1" stars are wood
Design by Shelia Sommers for Delta Creative
Painted by Lee Wismer May 2011
          "Carrots For Sale"
Acrylics on glass jar
Design by Marie Provost
Painted by Lee Wismer
August 2013
               "Simple Fall Greetings"
Acrylics on glass jar
Design by Terrye French/Suzanne Pope
Painted by Lee Wismer
September 2013
                           "Sun Bunny"
Acrylics on back of linoleum    24" x 12"
Designed by Patricia E. Jarrett
Painted by Lee Wismer
March 2014
                       "True Friends"
Acrylics on nightlight shade
Designed by Darlene Jewell-Walhood
A free pattern from www.Artistsclub.com
Painted by Lee Wismer
May 2014
Painted Skates......just having a little fun!
Saws depicting same house during the 4 seasons.
Designs by Lee Wismer
Painted by Lee Wismer
Close-up of saws.
Upper: Fall
Lower: Spring
Designed and painted by Lee Wismer
Upper: Winter
Lower: Summer
Designed and painted by Lee Wismer