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Newest Work
Son Jack and his girlfriend at High School Prom 
Jane and her ' 83   AMC Spirit
Our 1885 house
My First Craft Show   Oct.14/00
   "Mr. Canada"
Jane and Joey
Jane in Canada Summer Games 2001  volunteer uniform 
Mike with dogs Eddie and Rambo  
   Christmas 2000
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RockPainting 2
Misc. Pieces
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Memory Boxes
designed with Homestead
Jack and 1985 Honda Shadow 500
                 May  2004
South side
Jack   July   04
Jack and Chivon
Christmas 2004
Jane on her wedding day
Joey, our new son-in-law
The happy bride and groom, August 28 2004
Jack volunteering for Rogers Cable TV at a London Knights hockey game May 2005
Jack Wismer
Mohawk College
Broadcasting-Television and Communications Media
June 2, 2005
Jane Wismer
Fanshawe College
Library and Information Technician
April 28  2000
Joey Graham
Westervelt College
Computer Electronics Technician
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"How To Page"
Clay Pots 2
Rock Painting 3
Jack,Chivon and Pippin
March 6  2006

Brother Colour Tour
Summer 2006
Jack with balloon pilot Martin
Jack is spending the summer driving the yellow chase van across Ontario and Quebec with the Brother Colour Tour
Pippin in the chase van!
Jack bungee jumping
near Ottawa 2006
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Our first grandchild!!
PT Cruisers
19 months old
Jack on his "world tour"
Egypt, May 2010
Our first grandson!