Christmas and Winter
Rock Paintings
Car Paintings
Misc. Pieces
Wood Pieces
Newest Work
Season's Greeting rock       2000
Jackie Klauer design
PT Cruisers
Starry Starry Night 
from  book Starlight First Frost!
       by Bev Johnston and Pam Tyriver
       Painted on oval paper mache box    2001
Spindle Santas
painted on furniture legs.
Antiqued with oils.
Bobi Dolara design   2001
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Ornaments on Paper Mache   2002
Roxanne Puchalski designs
Swaps & Gifts
Rock Painting 2
Papier Mache Sleigh Bells
Design from Michaels store
Designer not stated    2002
Plywood yard cutout
46 in. high    2002
Surface bought at a garage sale.
Repainted using my own style  
Mr and Mrs VanSnow  2002
design by Sherry Harrington
Mr. n Mrs. Gingerbread  2002
Design by Sherry Harrington
Paper mache ornaments    2002
Designs by Donna M. Scully
Poinsettias on
paper mache heart
Based on a Laure Paillex design
Decorative door knob hangers.  2002
Purchased with design already stamped on.
Designer not stated.
My own colour choices.
Paper Mache Ornaments
Carolyn Altona designs
Reverse side of
chicken ornaments on left
Paper Mache ornament
with music printout glued on.
Garland of holly is painted around the edge.
Adapted from a Cheryl Ball design.
Santa Ornament
Pam Grady design
Santa Wishing on a Star   2003
Based on a Helan Barrick design
Peace on Earth    2004
Pat Olson design
Acrylics on 12" x 20" wooden plaque
Bisque Ornament     2004
4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches
Johnston and Tyriver design
Welcome Santa  
Acrylics on Baltic Birch  15" x 10"
A design by Carol Henry
Rock Painting 3
"How To" Page
Yard & Garden
"Under The Mistletoe"  2005
Acrylics on wooden sleigh
Design by Bobbie Campbell
Christmas Bears   2005
Acrylics on frosted glass ornaments
Designed by Wendy Fahey
Taught by Garry McInnis

"Blossom Santa"
Acrylics on a Gourd
Deborha Kerr design
Snowman Faces on Candles
Freehand designs painted under the guidance of instructor  Val Vandahl
November 2006
Lee Wismer, London Ontario
          House Number
Acrylics on cast stone block
5" x 5 1/2" x 3"
Design by Lin Wellford
Santa on 15" tin star
Mary Jo Tuttle design
Nov. 2007

Three Santas
Acrylics on sections of wooden handrail
Thanks to painting friend Lise for
sharing her idea
Oct. 2007
.Clay Pots
                        Six metal stars  
Approximately 5" across
Design by Mary Jo Tuttle (except for Santa in centre which is my own design but based on hers)
August 2008
Cedar Waxwing
Wooden ornament 6" x 5"
Painted in acrylics from an oil design packet
Design by Sherry C. Nelson MDA
Taught by Shelley Doupe
October 2008

Snowman Candle Holder
Wood     7 1/2 " high
Mary Jo Tuttle design
December 2008
"Winter Sled Ornaments"
Design by Renee Mullins
Acrylic on wood
April 2009
"Candy Cane Friends"
Design by Renee Mullins
Acrylic on wood. Holes along bottoms are for hanging chimes.
March 2009
"Candies and Greens"
Acrylics on wax candle
Design by MaryJo Tuttle
Free Project from Artists Club
October 2010
"Berry Bird Ornaments"
Acrylics on wood
Design by Donna Atkins
October 2010
Wooden lightbulb reindeer Ornament
Acrylics on wood shapes
Design by June Bremner
November 2010
                 "Nativity Sleigh"
Acrylics on 3D wooden sleigh  6" x 4"
Design by Shirley Gardner,CDA
Painted December 2010
"Hark the Herald Angels Sing"  Ornaments
Acrylics on wood
Design by Chris Haughey
From her book "Songs of the Season"
Painted January 2011
                 "Merry Christmas"
Acrylics on wooden sign board
24" x 7"
Design by Sonja Richardson
Painted by Lee Wismer, March 2011
                      "All Cracked Up"
Winter Snowmen Ornaments
Acrylics on 4" wooden cutouts
Design by Sheila Landry
Painted by Lee Wismer  December 2012
                       "Angel Trio"
Acrylics on wooden cutout ornaments
Design by Cheryl Poulin
PaintWorks Christmas Ornaments 2012
Painted by Lee Wismer    April 2013
         "Live, Love, Laugh Angels"
Acrylics on wooden ornament cutouts
Design by Terrye French/Deb Antonick
Painted by Lee Wismer
August 2013
Acrylics on Cement scallop paver
Design by Laura Santee
Painted by Lee Wismer     December 2013
         Gingerbread Stone Paver
Acrylics on cement
Design by Laura Santee
Painted by Lee Wismer
December 2013
                Snow Angel Ornaments
Acrylics on wooden ornaments
Designed by Cyndi Combs
Painted by Lee Wismer
December 2013
Elf ornaments
Acrylics on wood
Based on a design by Carol Rudd, using my own colours and customized for my 2 grandchildren
Painted by Lee Wismer
December 2013
Gift tags or ornaments
Acrylics on wood  4 1/4" x 2 1/4"
Two on left are Susan Kelley designs, tag on far right is a Pamela House design which I altered to match the others.
Painted by Lee Wismer
December 2013
                   "Winter Chickadees"
Acrylics on 11" diameter Fibrex plaque
Design by Wendy Fahey
Painted by Lee Wismer
January 2014
"Merry Christmoose" ornament
Design by Wendy Fahey
Painted by Lee Wismer
April 2014